The National Cyber Security Zone (ncsz, pronounced “nsys”) has been designed to operate as a security operation center (SOC) in order to satisfy the increased customer demand for a strengthened security area in the new digital world. The operational model is based on a Security As A Service (SECaaS) model to provide affordable cybersecurity services to all business sizes.
ncsz’s customers enjoy the flexibility to access our security services through managed or private operations models. This dedication to providing easy access to services which reflect even the strictest organizational standards and requirements is what sets us apart from our competitors. We are the only security operation center with an end-to-end security service addressing any demand, an existing dual vendor policy, and a dedication to providing our services with flexibility and freedom to enforce a truly customer-centric model. We help you improve the costs, time, and experience of security solutions.

  • Almost any information security solution
  • Pay for what you use (Cloud) Model (SECaaS)
  • Managed, Private, In-house shared or dedicated models
  • Pre-installed, Pre-defined solutions
  • Bundled (All-services-in) solutions

ncsz is based on a data centric model in order to ensure a high level of digital security to our customers’ most valuable asset - information. Furthermore, the enhanced GDPR requirements demand a higher standard of technology protecting Personal Data. We follow the Data into any layer and any system on any network and guard it to ensure a secure delivery to the final user. We have created a cyber “divide and rule” technology stack to ensure a true end to end data privacy solution.
We have selected leading vendors to support the data’s security within the respective coverage shields and to satisfy the varied customer demands ranging from price and functionality to specific features.

  • Data Security Shield
  • Network Security Shield
  • Perimeter Security Shield
  • Application Security Shield
  • Internal User Security Shield
  • External Users Security Shield



The Data Security Shield has been designed to provide the best currently available on the market level of Data Protection. Our customers could subscribe to services that will let them cover and exceed the requirements set out in GDPR. Nevertheless the Data Security Shield includes foundational services that are required by GDPR like tools to Identify Personal Data like data discovery and master data management. Other tools to Protect Personal Data, Respond to Data Breach and Detect Data Leaks or attacks are also included.

Any specific service demand is subject to customer request. We would be more than happy to accommodate any custom cybersecurity service requests.


The network Security Shield has been designed to ensure the protection of personal data throughout the network flow. The NSS services strongly complement and comply with the GDPR requirements to protect personal data and further to detect and report eventual data breach within the 72 hours. The basic services which are currently included are shown in the following picture:


The Perimeter shield provides your organization with the security tools necessary to ensure personal data and outside dataflow security you can trust. TheApplication Shield includes tools that ensure data privacy on the application level. The End Point Security Shield consolidates a set of tools designed to provide a solution to respond to the data privacy challenges posed by modern mobile technology.



Our vast list of global leading vendor solutions provides complete portfolio of technology solutions that ensures end to end cyber security of data and data flow to the end user. The design of the nscz warrants best fit solutions to every business organization regardless of the size, specific requirements and demands. Our value proposition is further enhanced by flexibility of no vendor lock-in that delivers our customers freedom of choice.