At ncsz, we enable our customers to achieve a high level of digital security with minimal risk, time, and costs. The understanding, expertise and skills concentrated within the NSCZ team work to offset this complex task by employing and educating a large team of security professionals that could take care of ensuring an organization’s data privacy internally. Maintaining different software and hardware solution is crucial for IT security and requires constant investment in IT staff and equipment. Our services dramatically lower the cost and provide an outstanding quality compared to the traditional approach. We allow you to focus on your business critical activities while resting assured that your data is not only protected, but compliant with the latest EU regulations (GDPR).
We provide the following security services that cover a wide range of operation levels and models:

  • Customer premises located, non managed security solutions
  • Customer premises located, managed security solutions
  • Dedicated NSCZ located, non managed, security solutions
  • Shared non-managed security solution
  • Completely managed security solution
  • Dedicated NSCZ located, managed, security solutions
  • Dedicated NSCZ located, managed, security solutions


  • ncsz (or the National Cyber Security Zone) is a security operation center (SOC) based on a Security As A Service (SECaaS) model which provides managed or private operation models through the largest portfolio of end-to-end security services in the country.
  • The As A Service model lowers the barriers to entry, reduces risk, and provides flexibility to scale up or down. We are proud to provide a significantly shorter implementation time frame and a high availability of deliverable resources. Our vast services portfolio has no vendor lock-in and provides the opportunity for dual vendor best practices.